Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some New Patterns

The Entire Gang!! Top the Misdemeanor, mid The Felon, and bottom The Outlaw!! 
Well we have all seen the success of the Outlaw over the passed couple of Summer Steelhead seasons, but he now has accomplices. I did not name the first fly in the series but they all seem to fit together. The Criminal Series is born!!! Now stronger than ever, the gang that is!! New friends the Misdemeanor, and the Felon, the Outlaw can be even more effecting and so are your choices as to what to fish on the Deschutes River and your other Favorite Summer Steelhead stream!!! All tie by the folks at Montana Fly Company .Enjoy and have fun fishing them!!!

Laid into a reel screamer!!!
This fatty could not resist the Felon!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

To Let You All Know

River looked like this!! Fun!
Like I told you I would, I went and saw the river this morning. LOOKS Awesome. Game is back on. be ready and fish hard. Hope everyone is having a great start to their season!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

All Over The Board

Late morning hook up on  the lower river.
If there was ever a description of the idea of Steelhead fly angling, this year would define it. No consistency to any day and from 0-12 fish a day is what I have been dealing with. The only advice I can give is to just keep you fly in the water, as long as possible and cast as many times in a day as you can.
At last glance the entire river was blown out...all the way down. I will try to get another post as the river clears.
Can't land them all!

This backdrop is amazing.
Even your guide has landed a few this season.

Bright wild fish on an Outlaw!!

Off to the races!!! Hand off the reel!!
Stay tune for more info.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swing The Fly Trip

Morning light in the Deschutes Canyon

releasing a wild Steelhead

Well Steelhead season is again here and if you have not book a trip or planned your personal outing to the river this year or if you have always wanted to and not yet made the journey, this opportunity is for you.
Do they get any CHROMER!!!

Swing the Fly Magazine has teamed up with Little Creek Outfitters (Marty Sheppard) and All Waters Angling (me). To host a camp trip this year on the Deschutes river. There are a couple open spots and for getting top notch angling experience there will be no better pair of guides!! The river and the spectacular canyon are worth the price of admission alone. Fishing full floating lines in one of the wests most abundant Summer Steelhead fisheries is un surpassed!!! For more info contact myself or Zac William at Willizac@gmail.com.  
Don't wait get your spot now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Two Hands Trailer

Something cool soon to be out. Would be something all steelhead anglers in the Northwest should see...So check it out!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In memory of Knut Syrstad

Knut and I having a laugh in San Fran
Knut Syrstad was one of the most amazing men I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Knut has a twin brother Trond, together they ran, and Trond still does a fishing school in Norway. These men were born to cast and fish two handed rods. Their physical stature is what I pictured the famous Vikings of old lore to look like. Tall men with propitiate mass, very impressive specimens indeed.

I first met Knut in 2009 in San Francisco at the world famous SOR (Spey-O-Rama). Even then he had already been diagnosed with testicular cancer. That first year you would not have noticed it. The Viking launching cast after cast into the far pond was impressive even then. He was quiet and had a very soft demeanor. Nice and kind he seemed to be more focused than almost all the other caster. Not knowing at the time that his mind may have been other places. In the finals he seemed to let his nerves get to him, now being there and not even close to the caster at that time I just stood in amazement of all the casters. Knut and Gordon, Andrew, Gerard, Rauri, these boys seemed un-touchable compared to anything I had ever seen.

Water at his knees is at my waist, and such power!!! 

Knut stayed steady and quiet. That year was a learning experience for me but even the vets folded under the pressure, Knut ended up 5th. Only after the fact did I finally understand the medical situation that Knut was going through. Year in and year out, he kept casting. I crawled through the Internet looking for scores and info from the other Spey comps in the world. Knut’s name kept coming up always right there in the hunt. This big Viking was relentless in his pursuit of the perfect cast and a championship finish.

The 5 years now of competitive Spey casting have gone by in the blink of an eye for me. I can say that I remember more about the people and the situations than that of any particular casts. Knut’s was a very funny guy light hearted. I can remember cracking jokes with him on the cat walk between the ponds at the Golden Gate Ponds. I can remember him giving me small bits of confidence when I really did not know what direction to go.

Knut’s inspiration goes much further than that. I believe that Spey casting kept him alive over the past couple years, his love of two-handed casting. Never being able to have the chance to cast at 100%, or even 75% he was still able to compete with the best casters in the world. Knuts was able to rise to the challenges at hand, even under the pressure of having brain cancer. If I or any other caster or person I know had the determination or fortitude, we would never fail. I can say I saw him as a winner for being there, let alone stepping to the plate and making casts in his condition.

The fun side of a miraculous human being.

I hardly slept the night I found out about his death. We have lost more than part of our casting or fishing community; we have lost a hero and an inspiration. I write this with the utmost respect and, am humbled by one of the greatest men I have ever met, Knut Syrstad.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spey Nation 2014, and trout report.

Coming up quick!! I cant wait to be there.
Not long now and I will take a break from the Trout angling and be back on the Salmon River in New York. Hanging with my buddy Patrick Ross at the Anglers Lodge. I am honored to be presenting again and seeing all the Spey casting enthusiasm in a different part of the World. I will be giving classes for those wishing to get some instruction, on both Friday and Sunday. The classes will be 4-5 hours (or as long as it takes) and will be open in forum as general and as advanced to fit the needs of each participating caster. See you all soon. For classes contact me at speycaster@hotmail.com

Dry flies are fun!!
As for the trout fishing on the Deschutes right now. It has been good!! A few more caddis hatches and we are back to Summer Steelhead!!!! If you are wanting a trip with me down the river this summer sooner than later... I will be ready. Get out and fish folks!!!

Hooked up and put the wood to another Redside.

Classic Redside!

That's the good habitat.

Sometimes we fish nymphs for trout...and it works too.